Karisia Hills, Kenya’s Northern Frontier

Karisia Hills, Kenya’s Northern Frontier 

 Also known as the Leroghi ranges, the Karisia Hills lie to the east of Maralal on Kenya’s Northern Frontier and are superb for trekking and camel safaris. It is easy to get lost so you'll need a guide but the landscape is very diverse with dramatic scenery and a worthwhile adventure.


Walking through the bush, you’ll spot the signs that a leopard has recently passed by or learn to identify a dik-dik’s territory. Herds of frightened guinea-fowl scatter amongst the thorn bushes, and giraffe scarter gently away from unexpected visitors.

Every day is different - walks entail narrow mountain streams then climbing through thickly wooded and tangled underwood. Elephant and buffalo still frequent the forests and can occasionally be seen if you are in a small group.

 Why Visit Karisia Hills, Kenya’s Northern Frontier.

  • For the best trekking and camel safaris conducted around the Karisia Hills area.
  • Experience the cultures and customs of the local Maasai and Samburu Communities at the Karisia Hills.
  • The varied beautiful landscapes found in the Karisia Hills region.
  • Being able to be up-close and one with nature at the Karisia Hills.

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