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Lake Victoria, Kenya Destinations 

 The largest of Africa’s Great Lakes and the second largest freshwater lake in the world named after Britain’s Queen Victoria. Lake Victoria is a haven for bird watchers and fishing enthusiasts. The rare bird life and shoals of colorful fish are often primary reasons for visiting – often combined with a trip to the Maasai Mara – but you can also discover quiet port towns, unspoilt islands and a rich culture.

Bird species found around the lake but rarely elsewhere in Kenya include the blue swallow, papyrus yellow warbler and red-chested sunbird. Fishing is another popular activity here – go on a fishing trip, trying your luck at catching Nile perch and Tilapia, and spot cormorants, other bird life and monitor lizards at the water's edge.

One of the prettiest areas of Lake Victoria is Mfangano Island, home to Mfangano Island Camp, an oasis hideaway situated on the tranquil lake shores, managed by the renowned Governors’ Camps. The island is road vehicle free, with colorful canoes being the transport of choice. It is accessible by a road plus boat transfer, but its own airstrip allows easier access from Kisumu airport or Governors’ Maasai Mara airstrip. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this unspoilt region, wake to views of Lake Victoria and soak up the local culture such as the colorful Luo lifestyle. Other important islands on the Lake in Kenya include the Rusinga Island with its own luxurious lodge and Ndere Island National Park a protected animal sanctuary on the lake.

 Why Visit Lake Victoria, Kenya.

  • Discover the rich culture and lifestyle of the Luo community that leaves in the area.
  • See Africa’s Great Lakes and the second largest freshwater lake in the world named.
  • Lake Victoria is one of the sources of Africa’s longest river the Nile River.
  • For the bird life that is abundant in the area.
  • To relax and experience the remote Islands on the lake and the lake shores with is small beaches.
  • For fishing especially the big Nile Perch and tilapia fish found on the lake.