Luxury Exclusive Wildenstein's Ol Jogi Private Ranch Wildlife Conservancy Featured

Oljogi Ranch Wildlife Conservancy Aerial View, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya 

 Ol Jogi Ranch was established over 60 years ago and is a safe haven for the preservation and future development of Wildlife Conservation by the famous Wildenstein family. Previously a cattle ranch, it was a perfect private romantic getaway "playground" compound and wildlife sanctuary for its super rich owners the Wildenstein family for nearly 35 years, before opening it to the public as an exclusive-use luxury villa ranch house.

Ol Jogi Ranch currently owned by a famous New York, French - American family – the Wildenstein’s – it is often used to unwind and escape from the fast-paced life and the hustle and bustle of the largest cities of the world. According to the former wife of Alec Wildenstein, billionaire owner of the Ol Jogi, Jocelyne, "the operating costs of the ranch alone (at one time) ran up to a whopping $150,000 a month."

Ol Jogi Ranch and conservation area comprises a total size of 58,000 acres of pristine and private nature. The ranch is situated 225km out of Nairobi, just north of Nanyuki in the Laikipia Plateau Area. Ol Jogi Ranch has over 200 buildings spread over an area that is five times the size of Manhattan. The ranch employs more than 400 workers, whose main work is to look after and cater for domestic and wild animals as well as the guests to the ranch. The entire ranch provides Thirteen thousand acres Rhino Sanctuary just reserved for the threatened species of black and white rhinos.

Ol Jogi operates as a working cattle and camel ranch and participates extensively in Community Development; the ranch successfully exhibits cohabitation of livestock and wildlife. Ol Jogi provides a livelihood for over three hundred employees and their families and for its neighbors and beyond Ol Jogi provides education, financial assistance and additional support to community development and programs. This community outreach creates an increasing awareness and growing enthusiasm for wildlife conservation as a whole.

Ol Jogi is home to a plethora of wildlife and its conservation goals are diverse. In addition to the 45 Black Rhino and 19 White Rhinos, Ol Jogi hosts as many as 400 elephant depending on the season. 22 species of ungulates, 5 species of large carnivores and diverse small carnivores, 3 species of primates and 310 avian species are also present.

The Ol Jogi Ranch is surrounded by an innovative ring fencing system to offer protection against poaching and facilitate extensive monitoring and security systems. Sixteen operating game corridors allow wildlife migration through Ol Jogi, whilst still prohibiting movement of rhino. The sixteen game corridors in place on Ol Jogi allow wildlife to emigrate from the property in times of drought and immigrate when local circumstances suit them better. Ol Jogi also includes an impressive world class Wildlife Rescue Centre and state of the art Veterinary Clinic to cater for the wildlife and animals found on the ranch and the surrounding areas.

As one of the ranches in the world that have an unparallel breathtaking and panoramic landscape, the ranch has the only polar bear that lives on African soil. Among its scenic beauty are numerous Rocky Mountains, acacia bush, undulating rolling plateau and highland grassland. The ranch is used for filming by movie makers, as well as multinational corporations like Pepsi Coca and Coca Cola who shoot commercials and films.

Guest will be impressed by the luxurious accommodations at the exclusive use main ranch house nestled within a protective rock outcrop that can be used as a base to explore the vast Ol Jogi Ranch, the East African  and Africa as a whole by road, Helicopter or light plane. At the Ol Jogi Ranch Guests have a varied of activities from day and night game drives, swimming, cultural visits, hikes and even horseback safaris.

Why Visit Oljogi Ranch Wildlife Conservancy, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya.

  • Visit the Wildenstein family secret private luxury ranch that has been recently opened to the public.
  • The exclusivity provided when you visit Ol Jogi Ranch since it’s booked on an exclusive use basis for you, your friends and family.
  • The varied actives on hand to guests who visit Ol Jogi Ranch.
  • The wildlife fund at Ol Jogi Ranch.
  • Visit and support a Rhino Sanctuary at Ol Jogi Ranch.
  • Learn how Ol Jogi is working on preserving wildlife and ensuring free movement of animals across the ranch.
  • See, learn and take part many of Ol Jogi's conservation efforts, community outreach programs and cattle ranching programs.
  • Learn and experience the culture and customs of the local Maasai community at Ol Jogi Ranch.
  • Use Ol Jogi Ranch as your base to explore Eastern Africa and Beyond by Light Aircraft, Helicopter or by Road.


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