Sosian Ranch, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

Sosian Ranch, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya 

 'Sosian', the Samburu word for 'Wild Date Palm', combines the name with the wild; ideal for those looking for a unique and intimate bush experience. Sosian Ranch is a 24,000-acre working ranch in the centre of the vast Laikipia Plateau and home to a huge diversity of mammals and birds.

The scenery is beautiful, with views to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, the Aberdares to the south and the cedar-clad Karisia Hills to the north. The Ewaso Narok River, running through the southern section of the ranch has lovely waterfalls.

Sosian Ranch supports a wide diversity of wildlife and birds and is home to lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo as well as a host of other large mammals. The area supports a number of rare northern species such as the endemic Jackson's hartebeest, Grevy's zebra, and reticulated giraffe. Even the endangered wild dog, thought to be extinct in Laikipia, have returned to the area in healthy numbers and are occasionally seen on Sosian Ranch. Grassy plains covering the central part of the ranch abound with herds of gazelle, oryx, hartebeest and eland. Riverine vegetation along the Ewaso Narok and the swamp on the southern boundary of the ranch offer excellent birding.

Sosian had been gently crumbling, until 2001 when it was bought with the aim of restoring the ranch back to its original state of health and sharing it with visitors. The ranch now raises a variety of livestock, including borana cattle, Maasai red sheep, and galla goats. It is leading the way in reducing human-predator conflict and livestock losses by building innovative predator-resistant bomas. Other ventures include biltong and honey production for the ranch house.

The ranch works closely with the local Laikipiak Maasai and Samburu tribes by providing employment and allowing grazing during times of drought. In addition, Sosian Ranch has formed a water association with the local communities to save the river and swamp on the ranch and has started a tree nursery.

The ranch house was built in the 1940’s by Italian artisans, and has recently been restored. The atmosphere in this classic homestead is incredibly friendly with a homely feel. The seven en-suite cottages all perfectly comfortable, at Sosian Ranch accommodate up to 14 guests and delicious home-cooking is enhanced by fresh ingredients from the organic vegetable garden.

With its homely atmosphere Sosian welcomes families and children of all ages. The huge range of things to do will open their eyes to a whole new world of adventure as well as educating them about life in the bush and the natural world. Some favorite activities include jumping off the waterfall, riding lessons and short treks on the excellently schooled horses and ponies, camel rides, fishing, archery, picnics, collecting eggs from the chicken house, feeding the pet eland, tubing down the river, bird-watching, game drives, night drives and simply having the space to run around and be children.

As well as all the exciting safari activities on offer, the lodge has a large swimming pool and tennis court together with miles of wilderness to explore with top guides, who bring the wildlife and African bush to life.

Sosian combines superbly with the Maasai Mara and a few days on the Kenya Coast.

Why Visit Sosian Ranch, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya.

  • The friendly family atmosphere at the Sosian Ranch.
  • The exciting safari activates on offer at Sosian Ranch.
  • The Sosian Ranch is suitable for both couples and families on safari.
  • The beautiful scenery and the amazing views of Mount Kenya, the Aberdares to the south and the cedar-clad Karisia Hills at Sosian Ranch.
  • The lovely waterfalls along the Ewaso Narok River with the Sosian Ranch.
  • Learn how Sosian Ranch has managed to find the perfect balance of cattle farming and wildlife conservation
  • Sosian Ranch can provide both adventure and relaxation in the African bush.
  • Explore the Sosian Ranch on horseback
  • Undertake Camel rides at Sosian Ranch.
  • See the African bush, the savannah and the horizon from a great vantage point Sosian Ranch.
  • Conduct Day and night game drives in the African Bush at Sosian Ranch.

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