The Borana Ranch Cattle and Wildlife Conservation Holiday Laikipia Kenya Featured

The Borana Ranch Elephants with Mount Kenya in the horizon, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya 

 The Borana Ranch lies at the foot of Mount Kenya, just sixteen miles from the equator and 6,500 feet above sea level. The ranch an expansive cattle ranch and wildlife conservation area is home to fifty indigenous tree families and over 300 species of bird life.

The Borana Ranch is adjacent to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and recently the two conservancies have partnered to remove the fence between them to allow wildlife to roam free. Its unique geographical situation on the edge of the Samangua Valley on the Laikipia Plateau with panoramic views of Mount Kenya, across the Lewa Plains to the Ngare Ndare Forest makes the 35,000 acre ranch a haven for a wide diversity of wildlife.

Some of the wildlife found at Borana Ranch includes: buffalo, eland, Jackson's hartebeest and herds of Grant's gazelle, impala and Burchell's zebra roam the plains. Reticulated giraffe are commonly seen nibbling the acacias while the cooler forest shelters bush buck, colobus and leopard. Lion are present in ever increasing numbers and breeding herds of elephant can be seen.

The Borana Ranch is a byword for luxury and exclusivity, lying in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Great game, Cattle, two strings of horses, mountain bikes, game walks and cross-cultural experiences await you. The ranch is home to fifty indigenous tree families and over 300 species of bird life, supplemented throughout the year by a multitude of migratory visitors.

There is a wide range of activities and ways of exploring the extensive local area, including game drives, horse riding, mountain biking and even the opportunity for helicopter expeditions! Moreover, with a herd of over 2000 cattle on the ranch, guests can spend a day learning the challenges of ranching in these hostile conditions. Many have found that a day on the ranch is just as fascinating as observing the game.

Why Visit The Borana Ranch, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya.

  • The unique tailor made horseback safaris at Borana Ranch.
  • The wide range of activities available for guests while staying at the Ranch.
  • The day and night game drives at Borana Ranch.
  • The combination of working cattle ranch farm and wildlife conservation provides a unique learning experience.
  • The removal of the fence between Boran Ranch and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy creating one big wildlife conservancy.
  • The superior world class exclusive accommodation options available at The Borana Ranch.