Dar Es Salam City, Tanzania Swahili Coast

Dar Es Salam City Habor Tanzania

 Dar es Salaam City's name which means “abode of peace” in Arabic is Tanzania's largest and busiest city. It is the country's most important business and commercial hub situated right on the Indian Ocean. There is a nice mixture of German, British, Arabic and Indian architecture with friendly and welcoming residents.

Dar es Salaam is the main port of call for most visitors, as it is an ideal location from which to access both the wilderness areas and the beaches of Tanzania and Zanzibar. It is a lively dusty African city that has its own charm. Dar es Salam is a mixture of German, British, Arabic and Indian architecture, with cosmopolitan people everywhere, while at the same time still retaining a true Swahili city experience.

Most visitors en route to the better-known Tanzanian attractions are surprised by the charm of this unassuming city and find themselves yearning for more days to explore its hidden secrets. People idle away the time chatting, the pace of life is relaxed and the residents are friendly and welcoming to visitors and travelers alike. It is easy to while away an afternoon here, before continuing your journey to Tanzania's renowned parks and islands.

At the Dar es Salaam sea front harbor, huge modern steel cargo boats sit alongside traditional wooden dhows with haphazard sails with produce spilling over the sides. Fishermen can be seen selling their day's catch on the seafront. While walking along the streets passing glittering high rise buildings on one side and peddlers roasting cassava on the other Dar es Salaam City offers an amazing experience.

Must-see attractions include the beautiful beaches of Kunduchi, Mjimwena and Mbwa Maji, Dar es Salaam’s spectacular harbor, the buzzing local markets and colorful street stalls.

Why Visit Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania Swahili Coast.

  • The Dar es Salaam Sea side harbor.
  • The beautiful beaches in Dar es Salaam.
  • The Culture and the friendly people.
  • The hub and once-capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is bright as a tinga tinga painting and intriguing as its mix of cultures.

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