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Mikumi National Park Tanzania Wildlife

 Swirls of opaque mist hide from the advancing dawn. The first shafts of sun color the fluffy grass heads rippling across the plain in a russet halo. Confident in the camouflage of their stripes at this predatory hour, Zebras pose for our pleasure, like ballerinas on stage, heads aligned, stripes merging, flowing motion this is Mikumi National Park at dawn.

Mikumi National Park one ot Tanzania’s popular parks 75,000 square kilometers, borders the Selous Game Reserve and game migrates between the two. On the floodplain there is ample opportunity to see game of all sizes. The park is easily accessible and recommended before you visit the Selous.

The main focus of Mikumi is the extensive Mkata floodplain. Here, sweeping yellow grasslands are interspersed with twisted acacia trees and miombo woodlands, where you will often find giraffe browsing on the leaves.

Characteristic of the grassland are large herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and impala. There are families of warthog, troops of yellow baboon and vervet monkeys. The Mikumi Elephants which are more compact then rest of their Tanzanian cousins but still larger and bigger than any land rover or land cruiser can be seen from afar, lions surveying their kingdom sometimes from a perch high in the trees to keep their feet dry when the rains soak the plains sticky black soil and spotted hyena are common.

The rains swell the park’s bird population to more than 300 species as Eurasian migrants seek refuge in Mikumi, joining resident stars like the lilac breasted roller.

Why Visit Mikumi National Park, Southern Tanzania.

  • See the expensive Mkata floodplain.
  • See the many grassland animals.
  • To see the compact Mikumi elephants.
  • To view the hippos in their hippo pools.
  • For birding to spot the birds that migrate to Mikumi as well as the resident star birds.

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