Namugongo Matyrs Shrine, Kampala City, Uganda Destinations

Namugongo Matyrs Shrine, Kampala City


 About 15 km east of Kampala city lies the Namugongo martyrs’ shrine where more than 20 Catholic and Anglican martyrs were burnt alive on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in June 1886. Consequently, Christians from eastern and central Africa and indeed the world over flock to Namugongo to pay their respects and renew their faith by paying pilgrimage to the martyrs on June 3rd, every year.

A church was constructed in the shape of a traditional Baganda hut (akasiisiira) in memory of the martyrs. It stands on 22 copper pillars representing the 22 catholic martyrs. In front of the main entrance to the church, below the altar is the spot where Charles Lwanga, the leader of the Catholics was burnt on June 3rd 1886.The church was consecrated by Pope Paul VI on August 2nd, 1969.

Why Visit Namugongo Matyrs Shrine, Kampala City, Uganda.

  • Visit an important catholic and Anglican religious site.
  • Learn how 20 Catholic and Anglican martyrs were burnt alive.
  • Pay pilgrimage to the martyrs who died for their religious beliefs.
  • Visit a church build in the honor of the martyrs who died at Namugongo in 1886.

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