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What We are all About

We are all about Original, Signature, Luxury, Tailor Made Bespoke and personalized Travel to East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands for individuals, solo travellers, private group travellers, Family private group travels, incentive and business travels. Currently our Travels cover the following East African and Indian Ocean Island countries Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Rwanda.


100% Tailor Made

Everything we do is 100% tailor made for you and your needs – we start each trip on a plain blank sheet of paper ensuing each trip is unique just for you. We match your dreams, budget and dates to our knowledge, our contacts on the ground and our creative thinking to ensure you get the very best.

No Set Departures

 We do not have set departures or blocks of hotel allocations to offload unlike most big companies enabling you to travel at your own time and parse. It’s all about what is good and right for you .........not what is for everyone.

Unique African Holidays

We believe it’s not all just about choosing somewhere to stay, to us that are just the beginning. We are always working on ways to improve the way we plan and deliver each holiday even while you are in the destination. If we can change things then we change them for the better. We work in Africa one of the most challenging regions of the world but our knowledge of how things work (and how to fix them if they do not) allows us to make your holiday work perfectly.

100% Objective

A holiday is a very precious time and getting it right truly adds value. As an independent tour operator, we are able to be 100% objective. As specialists in East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, we have dedicated a lot of time to identifying which people and places work and why. And because the people we work with in each destination know what we expect, they go that extra mile for our clients.

It’s the Little Things That Matter

It is often the special little touches which count like a dinner set up in a beautiful location or a surprise upgrade to the best suite. And they know that if they do not deliver, we do not work with them.

Our Experience

Our experience on the ground means that we know how to get the most out of every hour of every day.........that is true added value.

Our Passion to the Environment and Responsible Tourism

We are passionate about the East Africa and The Indian Ocean Islands where we work. We work with people in those destinations who are equally committed. Many lodges and operators we work with (particularly in wilderness areas of Africa) are vital to the protection of habitat. If it were not for tourism income and the eyes and ears of those on the ground, valuable habitat would be destroyed.

 Tourism is an important employer and we work with small, owner-run operations that have a policy to recruit and train locally as well as sourcing local products.

Responsible tourism is a continual journey and we will always try to support those who practice it and strive to practice it ourselves.

Feel Free

Feel Free to Contact us at any time of day by filling in our Contact Us Form or by Email: info @ alternatively you can start customizing your holiday vacation here by Tailor Making Your Holiday

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