Lake Turkana, Kenya’s Northern Frontier

Lake Turkana Fishermen, Kenya’s Northern Frontier 

 The great expanse of Lake Turkana also known as the Jade Sea is awe inspiring. It is famous for its high concentrations of crocodiles and wonderful sunsets.

Lake Turkana is famous for its high concentrations of crocodiles and whilst you are more likely to see a couple at a time, there are sandbanks where you can see a hundred or so at night. The lake is a wonderful place for birdwatchers with lesser flamingos, spoonbills, goliath herons and many more species found there. The lake is also popular with serious fisherman with over 60 species of fish in the lake. Of particular interest to anglers are tiger fish, catfish, tilapia and enormous Nile perch.

The Sunrises and sunsets in Lake Turkana are amazing and seam to last forever and ever. The sunsets are particularly interesting many have commented and observed after experiencing it: it’s as if the sun in going below the earth in the horizon one can never get enough of it.

One more reason to visit Lake Turkana is to experience the culture and way of life of the local people the Turkana and Elmolo who inhabit the shores of this vast lake.

With two small camps on the lake shores and only private charters going in here it is an expensive place to visit, but one of the wildest you’ll find in Kenya.

Why Visit Lake Turkana, Kenya’s Northern Frontier.

  • Visit the Jade Sea of Africa Lake Turkana.
  • See the high concentrations of crocodiles at Lake Turkana.
  • Lake Turkana offers excellent bird watching opportunities.
  • Experience the sunrises and sunsets at Lake Turkana.
  • Visit one of the wildest places in Kenya Lake Turkana.
  • Learn and experience the culture of local people the Turkana and Elmolo by visiting Lake Turkana.
  • Visit a world heritage site.
  • Visit a place said to be the cradle of man kind to discover why.

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