Meru National Park, Kenya

Meru National Park, Kenya 

Made famous by conservationist Joy and George Adamson and the film based on Joy Adamson's book "Born Free", Meru National Park features 13 rivers and supports a wide range of diverse habitats. It is a paradise for bird watchers, as several rare bird species are found here.

Meru National Park in Kenya became famous as the original home of Elsa, the orphaned lioness reared by George and Joy Adamson and then re-introduced in the Kenyan wilderness – immortalized in the film ‘Born Free’.

However Meru Park has much more to offer than its famous offspring. It is its sheer unspoilt wilderness that is the attraction. It is often overlooked by visitors migrating to the popular Masai Mara. In Meru you might enjoy a several hours of game drive without seeing another vehicle. But wildlife you will see. Elsa's descendents hunt the shy but plentiful plains game whilst bush babies and hyrax live on Mughwango Hill.

Meru Park is renowned for its elephant herds and fantastic scenery with great views of Mount Kenya. Its varied habitats of savanna, forest and wetlands offers regular sightings of plains game, hippo, giraffe, lion, elephant and rhino within a rhino sanctuary. The sheer size of the Rhino Sanctuary, which protects approx 45 white rhino and 20 black rhino from the ever-present risk of poaching elsewhere in Kenya, means that there is still an element of tracking the rhino within the sanctuary. The birdlife is also impressive with 280 recorded species in Meru.

The high rainfall in the Meru National Park means that the grasses are tall making game-viewing much easier in the dry season when the grass is shorter and the migrating elephants have returned.

Why Visit Meru National Park, Kenya.

  • A Rhino Sanctuary – Meru National Park incorporates a 44km² rhino sanctuary, home to over 40 white rhino, and 20 black rhino and several babies. The size of the sanctuary ensures a feeling of wilderness, and finding the rhino is still a game drive challenge!
  • The History – Meru National Park was the home of the Renowned Conservationists George and Joy Adamson and Elsa the lioness they raised and released back to the wild immortalized the film “Born Free”.
  • Location – The Park is arid with Doum Palms and Baobab trees, but its 13 rivers and springs also allow for thriving riverine habitats. Meru National Park is known for its diversity of habitats and species. The lodge has special licence to walk, fish, and conduct night game drives. The peak of Mughwango Hill looks down over the park, affording a breathtaking 360º view of the surrounding volcanic plains.
  • The Meru National Park is the best place for private game drives since it is less visited.

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