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 The attractive little town of Arusha is situated beneath the towering peaks of Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro. Renowned as the safari capital of Tanzania, it offers a plethora of attractions and adventures and an everyday sight of the Maasai in their bold, red-colored garments

Arusha lies at the gateway to Tanzania's northern safari circuit, a bustling town close to the foot of Mount Meru, close to Mount Kilimanjaro and a starting point for safari holidays especially on Tanzania's northern safari circuit.

The town has numerous first-class restaurants, bars and markets, and is the ideal place to spend a few relaxing days before embarking on a safari or attempting to scale Kilimanjaro. Possibly the first thing that you will notice though, are the number of Maasai in their bold red garments. You will see Maasai herding cattle, riding bicycles, selling intricate beadwork and going about their daily life.

Not-to-be-missed is the Arusha National Park (in Ngurdoto Crater), the National Natural History Museum, the Laetoli Footprints (set in volcanic ash, dating back 3 500 000 years) and the beautiful coffee plantations that dot the landscape perfect places to stay on your first night before starting your safari. You can relax in the gardens, ramble in the foothills and always enjoy a fresh cup of coffee straight from the Coffee farm with your breakfast in the morning.

Why Visit Arusha Town, Northern Tanzania.

  • Visit the Arusha National Park that lies in The Ngurdoto Crater.
  • Visit The National Natural History Museum at Arusha Town.
  • See The Laetoli Footprints set in volcanic ash, dating back 3.5 million years.
  • Visit or stay in The Scenic coffee plantations that surround the town.
  • The most ideal place to start and or end your safari in Northern Tanzania.
  • To shop for curios, gifts, jewelry, artifacts and memorabilia at the numerous shopping bazaars found in the town.

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