Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, Tanzania Seven Wonder Safari Vacation Featured

Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, Tanzania


 A volcano explodes over two million years ago in northern Tanzania... and the Ngorongoro Crater is born. Kilometer after kilometer of flat plains ringed with steep walls thousands of meters high are created, this is the world's largest unbroken caldera with sides 600m high and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, long since having collapsed and eroded, it is an extensive highland area with the famous 600 m deep Ngorongoro Crater as its focal point. Nearly three million years old, the ancient caldera shelters one of the most beautiful wildlife havens on earth.

Sharing part of the Serengeti plains to the northwest and Mount Kilimanjaro to the east, it forms part of the Serengeti ecosystem. "Africa's Garden of Eden" is a haven to an abundance of elephants, lions, cheetahs, wildebeest, buffaloes, gazelles and rare black rhinos. An ornithologist’s paradise, birds flock to the varied terrain of forest, canyons, grass plains, lakes and marshes.

For safari adventurers, the Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most interesting wildlife preserves in the world. From high up on the chilly rim of the crater you can see thousand-strong herds of antelope as they move in ant-like formation across the crater floor. As you descend, the shapes become animals and you are soon in the depth of one of Africa’s richest game areas.

The crater floor is superb for photographic safaris and countless wildlife documentaries have been filmed here. The striking Lerai forest, composed almost entirely of yellow fever trees, is the best place to find waterbuck, bushbuck and eland, whilst the adjoining Gorigor Swamp is the main haunt of Ngorongoro’s elephant population, with some striking big tuskers. Black rhino, lion and leopard complete the big five. There are hippos in Ngoitokitok Springs and Lake Magadi is often covered in a shroud of pink flamingos. This is an experience that should not be missed when exploring Tanzania’s northern safari circuit.

Maasai tribesmen are permitted to graze their cattle here during the day – be sure to look out for their traditional scarlet robes as they guide cattle down the steep crater walls.

Why Visit Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, Northern Tanzania.

  • See the world’s only intact caldera - 610 meters (2 000 feet) deep and covers 260 square kilometers (100 square miles).
  • Visit The Ngorongoro Crater a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • The Ngorongoro Crater is a Wildlife haven, with a very high game concentration on the Crater floor.
  • Experience breathtaking views as you descend to the crater and on the crater floor.
  • Fresh springs and large soda lake within the Crater.
  • See Maasai herdsmen graze their cattle side by side with predators and prey.
  • Sight the rare leopard at The Lerai Forest one of the best places in Africa to view them.
  • For the super photographic opportunities available at The Ngorongoro Crater.