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Rubondo Island Lake Victoria Shores

 An African fish eagle guarding the gentle bay shrieks an alarm, head tossed back. A well-fed monster of a crocodile snaps to life, startled from its nap in the morning sun. It stampeded through the crunchy undergrowth, crashing into the water in front of our boat, leaving only sentry post eyes skeptically monitoring our movements. Welcome to Rubondo Island National Park tucked in a corner of Lake Victoria.

Located in the southwest of Lake Victoria the world’s second largest lake, an inland sea sprawling between three countries, Rubondo Island is Africa’s largest island national park. Wildlife highlights here include chimpanzee (although sightings are rare), various species of monkey as well as big game such as elephant and giraffe.

The park spans the main Rubondo Island and 11 smaller islands covering 457 square meters. The main island is 26 kilometers long and 80% of its surface is covered by pristine, untouched virgin forest, fringed with deserted soft sandy beaches. There are no villages here, so the only inhabitants are park rangers, researchers, and the staff and guests of Rubondo Island Camp.

Wildlife highlights here include chimpanzee (these are in the process of being habituated by researchers, so sightings are rare and not guaranteed), various species of monkey, the rare sitatunga antelope (a shaggy aquatic antelope that hides in the papyrus swamp), dappled bushbuck, elephant, and giraffe. Rubondo Island National Park is an important bird conservation area with more than 200 bird species, including the largest known population of fish eagles in Africa and hundreds of migratory birds.

The water surrounding the island is rich with fish including tilapia and the Nile perch some weighing more than 100 kilograms tempting recreational fishers with challenging sport fishing and world record catches. The Rubondo Island also protects important fish breeding grounds.

Visitors can expect a truly remote, unique and wild destination – perfect for travelers with a real sense of adventure who are looking for their own slice of paradise.

Why Visit Rubondo Island, Northern Tanzania.

  • Visit Africa’s largest island National Park.
  • Stay at one of Africa’s remote and unique wild island destination.
  • Get a chance to see the rare sitatunga antelope.
  • Visit an important bird conservation area and spot some of the birds found in the area.
  • Spot and see the large population of African Fish Eagles.
  • Visit a chimpanzee sanctuary and try to spot and see some of rare the un-habituated wild chimpanzees.
  • Fish for tilapia and Nile perch found on the Lake Victoria waters sounding the Island and try to get a word record catch.